Bang Bravern #06 — Liberation By Carpet Bombing

February 15th, 2024


I really question the military efficacy here.


This seemed like a terrible plan to begin with. You were going to shell the entire city with your people still in it, on a strict timer, whether or not they got stuck in combat or what. Also, really seems like the ability to hack and take control of every fired missile in a few hundred mile radius seems like something Bravern could have brought up. Again, probably fine if they were going for the more corny angle, but a little more weird with Isami in another one of his panic attacks. Get it together already, Isami. 

The whole second half was a bit weird to me. They introduce the last two characters from the title shot as part of the resistance and more for Smith's ever-growing harem in the short tsundere and buxom flirt flavors, but they're onscreen for maybe 15 total seconds before Lulu's father-mech shows up, attacks one dude, gets the Japanese language stabbed into it, and then we end up in schticksville somehow instead of a fight before ending with everybody being shocked somehow shocked by the revelation that it wants Lulu back. Really? You found this girl covered in goo, screaming in an alien language with super human powers and alien anatomy, and you're surprised that she might somehow be related to this alien invasion.


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