Bang Bravern #05 — Gonna Fly Now

February 8th, 2024


I feel like this show may have lost its thread a bit.


I'm starting to wonder how long they're going to be stretching out the relationship between Smith and Bravern. This week had Lulu run up to the robot and instantly call it Smith, so they're getting a bit less subtle. And that kind of was the most interesting part of the episode. Hell, a big chunk of the middle was just a montage of military people going about generic military stuff before Smith accidentally stumbles into Bravern's mancave, which raises a bunch of questions. How he has a giant mancave unknown to people, why he built himself a throne, why he decided to make a bunch of toys for himself to play with, etc. This is just some random filler bit in the middle of the episode that is forgotten about two minutes later, mind you.

So then we abruptly jump to Smith and Isami having a boxing match. You would think they should probably not be beating the hell out of each other right before entering actual combat, or at least would wear mouthguards and helmets, but they're also allowing tackles too, which is an excuse to have a humping heart to heart. And yes, humping. They specifically call it out and the yaoi fangirl of the crowd gets a nosebleed over it. So Bravern hacks the entire fleet to broadcast their argument to everybody, because nobody has anything better to do than listen to Isami complain. Well, at least they remembered to pack all their boxing cosplay nonsense before leaving. You know, the important things.

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  • sp33 says:

    So Bravern is definitely Smith from the future or something, right? The throwaway mancave segment ironically had a lot of clues like the statue of not-Kamen rider in the same episode we introduce that Smith is a fan of him and the 3D printer being technology that will be learned about later.

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