Bang Bravern #04 — Space Girls are Easy

February 1st, 2024


Do they just waterboard everybody?


I feel like whoever's making this has a pretty laissez faire understanding of waterboarding. We've got this weird alien girl. Inspect her. Waterboard her (with babysitter present). Well, that's all we can think of, so set her free to roam the military base during wartime. Like many things in this show, it makes it hard to tell how seriously we're supposed to be taking anything. Well, maybe that's too much thought for a very empty filler-ish episode. Lulu just kind of roamed, getting into hijinks for half the episode, then vanished as soon as she got her hair done up to look more silly.

Besides, on that front, the eternally sullen Isami is still doing the heavy lifting. I want to feel bad for him, what with all the trauma and torture, but he continues to be determined to incredibly combative over the dumbest things, while also getting turned into the butt of jokes. Maybe getting drunk with some soldiers is his turning point, though the whole convoy shipping off to visit/rescue besieged Japan just seems like it's going to be more trauma for him to brood over.


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  • residentgrigo says:

    I have seen enough of the show now that I am sure that I like it. It´s also interesting to see an anime with 20 to 40-something military vets where they show the negative consequences to being in the army that isn´t the usual Gundam angst shower or sequence where they steal billion-dollar equipment to blow of steam.

    The waterboarding callback was very funny. Only in America.

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