The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic #01 — Soluble Protagonist

January 5th, 2024


It's rain, my dude. Suck it up.

God damn it. I completely forgot this stupid thing existed. I thought I was free from dumbass RPG world cheat power crap for the day.


And so, here we are, five minutes into the episode, and the protagonist has successfully spent two minutes explaining that he's an ordinary student, and being utterly shellshocked that people are talking to him. The next five minutes will then be spent explaining the most cliche of these godawful summoning to another world things while one character sits in the background, repeatedly yelling how great cliches are, and the protagonist yells a narration of her overreacting to it. Then we move to the obligatory magical scouting ball that reveals the protagonist has the super duper specialest powers that make him the super duper strongest that everybody is in complete terror of. But 'comically.' Ha. Ha. Ha.

This is the point in the episode, nearly 15 minutes in, where it seems to announce "Ha ha, you thought this was all straight cliche, well, it's a twist on it!" Except that it's not. This is like the fifth adaptation with this premise, among god only knows how many haven't been adapted. And like usual, it doesn't quite make jokes as it does scream and make stupid faces. To its credit, it also becomes somewhat animated for about 30 seconds, which is 30 more seconds than either of the previous two shows managed in an hour of runtime, and its screaming gives it slightly more credance to be called a comedy than them as well. But the only joke here is in the title, and even then, "clerics are physically strong" is just plain something that was a minor tiny side joke being done with buff monks going back hundreds of years. Adding some modern day humor, ie screaming at random spots, is not the secret sauce to make it fresh, even without the fifteen goddamned minutes of unconvincing """""""PRETENDING"""""" to be insipid unimaginative crap.   

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