Tank with 9999 Defense #01 — Shield Hero

January 6th, 2024


Put a point into originality. Please.


*rubs temple and sighs*

Look on the bright side. This is the last of the dudes with cheat power in an RPG world shows. Not the last of the cheat power in an RPG shows. God, no. There's still three villainess reincarnations yet to come. But this garbage is all frontloaded, and it is as creatively bankrupt as every single other one of these. I persist in the fantasy that one of these will somehow be just a generic fun fantasy adventure that ran afoul of marketing. Like if you tried to make Slayers these days, you'd probably have to title it "My Nuclear Magic Blows Up Countrysides But All I Want is Adventure, Treasure, and a Bigger Chest." Or maybe just something that eschews its source like Milky Holmes or Galaxy Angel and does weird schtick. But that remains a pipe dream thus far.

It's five minutes in, dude has been announced to have maximum defense stats, and mysterious skills that nobody understands. Skills being things that are hard set per person, obviously. No learning or training here in RPG world. Wouldn't ya know it, but he's kicked out of the party despite the complaints of the whole harem (who sticks with the jerk anyway, because of course they do), goes home to live a "slow life" instead, stumbles upon a girl from the slave race, which he's apathetic to (the slave part, not the girl part), and she happens to also be the magical sorting hat that reveals his mysterious skills make him the greatest tank ever. Congratulations, we've taken 20 minutes to summarize the title. At least it's somewhat animated, but I was tired of this joke halfway through that Maple show, and it was genuinely very well animated with only 75% as many painfully tired cliches. At least they went easy on the status screens. The tiniest of victories.

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One Lonely Comment

  • J Greely says:

    It’s not a true kicked-out-of-the-party show until they start suffering after belatedly realizing that he was responsible for all of their scouting and logistics, which they suck at.


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