Only I Can Level Up #01 — “Wait, This is Dangerous?”

January 6th, 2024


They said after running into the den of monsters.

Three down for today, two to go.


Ah, yes. The big budget, highly anticipated one of all the cheat power crap, which means that it has a little bit of animation, and waits until the second episode before the main character gets his RPG cheat power. That's what we call pacing. This episode was more spent on lore. Why have characters when you can have a bunch of random dudes checking out their curios. Who wants to see the dungeon full of monsters when we can be listening to a pair of old dudes in a museum. And since we're a DARK and SERIOUS show, some gratuitous dismembering of people so the characters can spend all of the last two minutes gaping in horror and screaming about how they're all going to die. After casually waltzing into the pit of despair like it was nothing, it of course comes as a complete shock to all of them that this might have been in any way dangerous instead of the picnic they were expecting.

Yeah, sure. I'll admit that it's certainly more tolerable than… Christ, I guess all of the other cheat power shows to air thus far, if for no reason as it hasn't given the cheat power in the title to the main character yet, but that's saying so very, very little. Especially when the protagonist is such a pathetic mewling wimp. He's not even being bullied or abandoned by the crowd as per the standard for this subgenre. He's just a useless sack of piss that the girl has attached herself to and fawns over as her only cause for existing. Nor did it help that they apparently blew the budget on some ants at the start, as the rest of the episode after the opening three minutes was barely animated with the other monsters getting stuck with stills. The ant fight wasn't even that well done itself, and mostly surprised me by them not being jittering CGI. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NeclordX says:

    I think is kind of fun how these people went to fight goblins in a cave with pajamas and sneakers.
    That one girl dressed as if she was going on a date of christmas eve was horrified after seeing some magic lasers.
    Like…come on, you gone to fight monsters with high heels and a pencil skirt

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone and their grandma was telling me solo leveling was amazing. It looked an uninspired Chinese manga for boys and this ep is not convincing me otherwise. If I had to chose I would rather watch Douluo Dalu

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