My Instant Kill Ability is Overpowered #01 — Nothing Redeeming Whatsoever

January 4th, 2024


That there's an audience for this deeply depresses me.


The previous show segues nicely into this repugnant garbage, encompassing every abhorrent thing about current fantasy trends except no rape scenes. Gratuitous violence, a sociopathic protagonist, status screens, half the episode spent explaining the rules, and no animation whatsoever. Another horrific, gross revenge fantasy about being given the power to act out your darkest fantasies while being completely apathetic to the suffering of those around you. All while the only female flounces around, her chest bouncing uncontrollably every time she moves, which also happens to be about the only thing actually animated.

The baddies said "Ha ha. We want to rape you!" which is carte blanche to murder and torture them. No effort or sympathy given for those who died. The only interest is in roleplaying a serial killer that the audience is meant to cheer for and admire. The exposition summoner casually murders everybody around her, therefore the protagonist being a murderous psychopath makes him a 'good' guy. I feel revulsion for everything in this show, and everything that it wants me to think is supposed to be a hook. Thanks for making the slave show look genuinely good, you utter filth.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • CatsB says:

    Man those 30 minutes off the buss sure turned these average 21th century students into mad max marauders. Will they blame it on the corruption by the system?

    How nice of protag kun to spend the second half of the ep explaining all of his powers to some rando they either will kill of or should have killed off.

    • CatsB says:

      NVM I got to the end. I guess everyone went to dark narnia before and they had the last guy walk into the forest.

      • Chipp says:

        Based on what I’ve heard protagonist is actually some kind of SCP subject who would kill anyone if they got on their nerves and this is supposed to be a parody of isekai tropes just like One Punch Man is a parody of superheroes tropes.

  • Opera says:

    Honestly, those blue wisp things in the MC’s hair are just so distracting I can’t focus on anything else. Thankfully, everything else looks not so good so easy pass on this one.

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