Metallic Rouge #04 — Send in the Clowns

January 31st, 2024


Ah yes. The cyborg future blimp Cirque du Soleil.


So… a death squad is invading the reservation, shooting everybody in their path, but the leadership is holed up in their personal dungeon, screaming at Rouge. And then the entire mob runs in and demands to murder her. Yeah, sure, one of the dudes was actually that shapeshifter guy from the first episode, but you'd think any one of them would be asking if this should really be their top priority, or at least how he knows all these random things about other people she killed. But no. They go along with all of that. Priorities, people. Then again, the cover for all this? The blimp circus rolls into town, headed by a couple terrifying Victorian clowns that could've come right out of a goofy vampire murder fest. General awareness in this society is at an all time low. Or, I dunno. Maybe they're the extra super duper government forces since they were marching on the compound at the end. You know, as circuses and terrifying clowns do.

Anyway, the reveals don't start until the last five minutes. The bullied kid murdered the rebel leader because he thought that the doctor was ordered to do that, but the doctor was a government spy all along, so murders him and then begins ranting incoherently about how everybody is tools of The Man. Not sure our narrative or characters actually did any work at all to get to this speech, but all right. Whatever you say. Maybe if his weapon wasn't a large pair of scissors, it'd be less goofy. This ain't Kill la Kill. Or maybe the fight just sucked since his 'power' was gas that makes the screen fuzzy, defeated by yelling "Nuh uh," and then his weapon spontaneously broke. 

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