High Card #16 — A Country For Old Men

January 29th, 2024


Yay. Flashbacks that don't actually accomplish anything whatsoever!


After lamenting that various main characters still haven't really had their characters/arcs resolved and it keeps introducing new ones that aren't one-offs, we get a whole flashback episode about all the old dudes in the show. You know, the ones that show up once every three episodes to go "Yes, all is going in ways we expected, or not." And that flashback is… they all used to be buddies and work for High Card together, until they didn't. Why? Because there was… a tragedy. What was it? That's for a future flashback.

This flashback comes because a rich idiot showed up to rant about it. I know how it looks in the screenshots, but the dude is entirely a clown. Something he has in common with the big bad who left the episode cackling like a lunatic after revealing some kind of nonsensical plan to usurp a royal ceremony that blocks cards because everybody with super powers should be able to use them. Which is why they've been hunting down people using them to take them away? I've just about given up trying to make any sense of the greater plot of this show. You'd think the serial killing knight dude would be the big bad, but apparently we're either in this for the very long haul, or that whole faction is… man, I don't even know what at this point.  

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