High Card #15 — Intelligence Failures

January 22nd, 2024


These people are all idiots.


It's rarely great for your characters or story when everything hinges on them being both suicidally unprepared as well as just godawful communicators. It just makes them look incompetent and dumb. And they kept highlighting it and calling it out! I swear there were at least three instances of the phrase "Look out! His power is…" But shouldn't they know the powers already? Shouldn't this be day one educational material? There's only 52. Let's say 55 with a couple jokers and a rules card. And especially, shouldn't they be aware of the ones that they know that the enemy capos have? Also, we're just keeping our entire collection behind one random dude's power? Not even 2FA?

And on the other side, the dude runs into berserker lady and immediately goes "Aha. I recognize you. I'm going to make you go completely berserk. Now trash this building that I'm standing on and need to use to get away. …Oh no! She really DOES go berserk!" Then, for some reason, she slashes only his hat in her berserker rage. Then it ends with them being aghast that they might have been caught on camera using their powers… except that… they didn't really? L&P slashed at things, but that's not really a power. The butler dude has a fun little shield that… can't be slashed? But that's it. Besides, we just had a whole episode about a dude publicly using his powers and being a camera hog. The existence of magic powers shouldn't be news to anybody at this point. What are we even doing here?

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