Bang Bravern #03 — Feral Magical Girlfriend

January 25th, 2024




Hold up, here. You tripped over some girl dressed like an alien, covered in glowing purple goo, she vomited more of that goo all over you, screamed like a banshee, and none of this you thought important enough to share with anybody? After a cursory check at the clinic, you instead took her to a hotel, claiming she was your sister, and just… sat there for the whole day? Okay, sure. And for some reason, her entire battle suit is controlled by a single external button that makes the entire thing instantly explode and turn her into a infantile cuddle monster. All right, alien technology. Whatever you say. Makes about as much sense as Bravern ALSO waterboarding his pilot. Or leading the army in their morning calisthenics and giving a power point presentation.

Okay, so this episode was certainly more cohesively goofy without too much of the awkward torture or angst scenes, but they were still there. Asami spent the entire episode curled up on a naked ball, which was mostly played off for laughs. "Whaaaa!? He's naaaaked!?" Yes, laugh at the traumatized dude that everybody keeps waterboarding for some reason. I'm sympathetic to his plight, but I'd also like to see him exist as something other than "dude that we torture and then force to scream corny nonsense." 


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