Shy #12 — Be Not Afraid

December 18th, 2023


Yay. All the orphans are happy again.


And so we come to an unclimactic end, with at least 4-5 episodes of essentially filler where characters just bustled around town, and then another 3-4 episode of the same flashback over and over again that being poor sucks, but family conquers all. Something we shall return to in exactly one week when Zom 100 spews out its final three episodes on Christmas day, featuring a group of antagonists who are mad because they're poor, and just want to torture some families. But I get ahead of myself. And am probably ahead of myself calling it an end, since it comes with an announcement of season 2. But consider any anticipation I had for this show to be largely drained. Maybe if they refocused immediately, got their head in line as far as animation/production goes, and go straight into the Persona/Superhero crap without having to hold the hand of any children or old ladies as they wander aimlessly, but that is very, very, very rarely the course anime sequels take.

A whole paragraph and nothing on the episode itself. For good cause. After doing yet more summarization of the last arc, as apparently they need to spend eight minutes doing at the end of every fight, the rest is just a reminder of the normie girl who was front and center for the first five or so episodes, and then ignominiously shoved into a cabinet for the rest of the show. Yeah. Remember her? The one who only became interesting when she was corrupted and half-murderous half-suicidal and otherwise just a boring fangirl plaintively whining empty platitudes about much she loves heroes? Well, guess what she's doing to end the show. Being the lazy mouthpiece for the author to tell us how much we should love and respect heroes. And then teased us with all the things that it could've gotten to if it hadn't been so distracted fetching balloons for children in malls. Interesting strategy. How much of it are you even intending to get to this season when characters showcased in the OP for this one only showed up for about four minutes?

I guess this is my cue to get off my butt and finish the season preview stuff. Expect it probably on the 26th. It's partially done, and there's only like ten RPG worlds next season, so not feeling as beaten down by the previews where there's upwards of 15. 

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