Shy #11 — Day Drinking With Children

December 11th, 2023


The best Christmas activity.


This stupid fight started back in episode 8 after an entire episode of flashbacks, and ends, with another episode mainly of flashbacks. And exposition about the evil organization, which is especially bizarre since the show's essentially over. An entire speech about the evil organization and how the fight is just beginning to end off things does not seem correctly placed, not to mention that we already got that speech back in like episode 3 after the first encounter with them. Also, why did she send the Joker girl back to recover and regroup and then thirty seconds later beg the heroes to stop them? 

This arc has just been a mess and disappointing on almost every level. It probably would've been fine if it had been condensed to a couple episodes, but my god, no flashback can be seen without being reviewed at least three or four more times, and most of the 'fight' was just yelling about who has the most carebear power while holding a hand to their chest emotionally. It didn't even have the budget to overanimate the three or four punches actually thrown either. At the very least, let the Joker girl shiv 'mama' as she leaves for betraying them. Give them something traumatic to really cry about instead of twinkling away in sparklies. At least give it a genuine go in making her a serious antagonist and wringing some tears. It'd still be manipulative, but better than the absolute nothing that this was.

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