Shy #08 — Russian Orphans Have It So Great

November 20th, 2023


Uh, whatever you say.


Given, you know, global events, it's a bit wild to have an episode about how luxurious and great orphans have it in Russia. No rundown orphanage here. This one has a library that would make… well… American libraries jealous. Anyway, another mostly dull episode, largely spent pussyfooting around Spirits' backstory. Literally the only person mentioned in any way is her mother, so who could this mysterious person who looks just like her be? Well, anyway, time to get drunk with the maid. As you do.

And all this is obviated about 16 minutes into the episode when they not only whip out a photo and announce the whole thing, but the baddies kick down the door themselves, spend the next couple minutes announcing that they've shown up and are totally gonna do something… eventually… just after this speech is finished… aaaaand credits. That was five minutes certainly spent. Maybe if we had started here the second we showed up at the orphanage, we could've spared ourselves at least 10 minutes of pissing about. 


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