Shy #06 — Icy Hot

November 6th, 2023


Finally, some stabbing.

Ahh, DST. Where everybody gets confused about timezone changes, or the lack of them, for a week and suddenly a hardsubbed Chinese rip is the first thing to pop up. How spoiled we normally are in this day and age.


That's more like it. See? Was that so hard? Considering that there was a two goddamned minute recap to start the episode, apparently yes. A sort-of action packed intro episode for not just the Chinese flavor of hero, but also a new antagonist and the whole League of Evil. We can do multiple things at once? Well, kind of. As the animation is still very unfortunately lacking. Which makes it not the most interesting of encounters when about half the time, it collapses into stills with speedlines. I feel like the director is certainly trying, more with Stigma's creepy nonsense than the action scenes, but the very, very mediocre budget is definitely hurting things.

It's a bit lacking on the plot front as well; just literally running into them in quite literally the middle of nowhere, some empty field in the Arctic, having punchies because one side is good, one side is evil. It also does the obnoxious thing where at least three or four times people cut off mid-sentence about the ice girl's identity and relationship to drunkie. They look basically the same, show. You're not hiding much of anything.   

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