Shy #03 Redux — Review Time

November 13th, 2023


I did not mistake the numbering.


Don't do anything like following up an episode where something happened with a second episode of that or anything. I'm hardpressed to say which part of this epsiode was less necessary. The first half was just another ten minutes of recap where they go over the evil rings a second time. The second half, she wandered around until stumbling onto some forlorn faceless kid to help by being physically extant. Exciting.

So in sum, it was virtually identical to episode #03, except with the two segments reversed. And no David Bowie. No new information was conveyed. No new characters showed up. Nobody grew, changed, developed. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. What was the point of these twenty minutes?   

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  • anonymouse says:

    Don’t you get it? She’s SHY

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