Shy #03 — Starring David Bowie

October 16th, 2023


At least not in his Labyrinth incarnation.


Meh. Slow and pretty pointless episode. Hopefully it's because it's saving up the budget next week for a proper action scene between Ziggy Stardust and Shy, but I'm not holding my breath. Pretty sure that'll also be largely sucked into his origin story/traumatic background, which appears to be that he's overly utilitarian minded. But even that they could've probably veiled a little bit more, or at least let him come off as the stereotypical arrogant hero archetype instead of immediately calling him a psychopath. 

But that's mainly the second half of the episode, which was also largely consumed with recapping the evil Persona-rings that we already got an explanation for last week. The first half was essentially just a date episode, so basically filler. They meet up, remark on their clothes, and help one of Japan's eight trillion lost children in a mall. Does every mall in Japan just have some 8 year old screaming in the middle of it? It seems like a goddamned plague based on how frequently this cliche comes up. Have they not developed child leash technology yet? 

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