Zom 100 #08 — Obligatory Hot Springs Visit

September 17th, 2023


Of course.

Amazingly, this is NOT off next week. The broadcast is just delayed an hour. Though that doesn't matter for me since it airs at like 3am my time anyway. 


We finally get around to introducing the giant chested girl in the OP/ED, and to their credit, she's actually less fetishized than most of the other girls so far. But on the other hand, her intro bit is entirely gag schtick and lasts only half an episode before giving way to an obligatory hot springs segment. She is, of course, a foreigner obsessesed with Japanese culture as they all are, with impeccable, encyclopedic knowledge of Japan's history, rather than the far more realistic unhealthy obsession with maid cafes or spouting off idiotic moe catchphrases.   

Neither side had any substance. The only thing she was afflicted by was a desire for sushi, so the director not making boinging noises every time her cleavage crashed into view probably shouldn't get much credit. And the hot springs bit was a hot springs bit. I don't think in the history of anime, there has been a single decent episode that took place at a hot spring. Mostly, it was funny how absolutely pristine and clean everything was, sushi bar included. They go out of their way to show distance shots of the entire area covered in blood and gore, but the water itself? Well, even zombies know better than to die in or around it. You'd think the infrastructure after weeks of apocalypse and lunatics like them firebombing the streets would be at least a little affected, but that's too much realism for this series. Slap some technicolor blood on things and call it a day.

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