Zom 100 #07 — The Whimpering

September 3rd, 2023


You'd think there's a plague of abandoned pets in boxes in Japan.

This show is off yet again next week for god only knows what reason. 


Terrible, drawn out way to end this mini-arc, not even really focused on the character ostensibly having the crisis of character. It was instead entirely focused on the girl having flashbacks to the time she wanted to adopt an abandoned puppy but her father was an ass. Somehow, this leads her to yell at the main character "Have you forgotten about Doing Your Best©!?" So he goes "Oh, right. That." And then the predictable zombie outbreak happens and distracts him from actually having to do anything whatsoever. Once quickly resolved, literally every single character there then decides the guy is actually a jerk and abandons him to die, screaming and bawling.

The protagonist never actually confronted his issues, let alone overcame them, and everybody being as petty and cruel as him is far from a satisfying resolution. This on top of being repeatedly gross about characters, camera included, leering at the girl with overtures of wanting to assault her. It just continues to show how superficial and puerile the writing in this show is, and with the production schedule apparently being obliterated by some unknown something-or-other, is only making things worse. 

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