Synduality Noir #12 — Dark Mode

September 25th, 2023


Boy, what a threatening antagonist inert rock that was.


I had assumed this broadcast was continuing right on into fall because… its broadcast is continuining into fall, but apparently starting next week, they're re-running this last season, new episodes to be resumed later. Well, gee. I probably would've had a slightly different opinion had I realized this was essentially the closing arc for this season.

Well, regardless, this was a very anticlimactic and largely pointless episode. They try attacking once, it doesn't work, so Noir has an existential crises and transforms into Dark Noir Mystere, which is pronounced as "Mister" apparently, and will probably piss off some racists. She then immediately one-shots the whole thing, and refuses to explain anything whatsoever for five straight minutes. Hell, the whole second half of the episode is spent recapping all the characters. Exciting way to end for three plus months, no doubt to pick back up and re-recap. Like Malev Spirits and High Card, this was fairly mediocre at best in an otherwise horribly weak season. I doubt time to stew and finally get the gacha spinoff out is going to do it any favors.

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