Synduality Noir #10 — Perfect Much

September 11th, 2023


It's 2023. Please have someone check your attempts at English.


It's weird for the setting to have this high a level of tech, constantly talking about recovering memories from positronic matrixes, etc, and yet also be treating something that happened 20 years ago as some kind of unbelievable mythical nonsense. Even while also having people who look like they're barely twenty years old having traumatic flashbacks to it. Not to mention that it's also a bit bizarre to have a giant borg swarm sweeping across the countryside, obliterating everything, and yet, also somehow nobody sees it coming or has any idea that it exists. It feels like a mix of cliches thrown together without regard for sense, but I suspect it's just a really awkward attempt to spew out exposition about them while also consuming as much time as possible.

All that unfortunately leaves the actual meat of the episode very thin. It was apparently meant to be a Tokio/Kanata episode; Tokio being haunted by the last time this swarm rolled up, Kanata throwing a tantrum that gets Tokio stabified. But since there's only about five minutes total focused on them, and even that's distracted by Noir internally narrating her insecurity, they don't get any actual focus. Nor is it helped by all this dramatic traumatic stuff happening off-screen as dots on a map, so even if Tokio's trauma is justified, being told these monsters are super special and different and extra dangerous, we don't actually see that. What we do see is Claudia rolling up and effortlessly dispatching a pack of them.  


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