Synduality Noir #09 — Banana Envy

September 4th, 2023


Did she just shoplift an eye?


Nothing says compelling episode like the protagonists quite literally sitting in the corner the entire episode. I guess at least we moved on from doing review, filler, fanservice, and idol concerts, but on the other hand, the new characters are about as boring as they come. Dude us angsty and supposedly knows about recovering android memories, so they stick Noir in an MRI and there she remains for half the episode while emo dude goes off to fight a slightly different flavor of enemy. Now in parasite form so they can fight the other mechs, just like the last few episodes.

There were also a bunch of really awkward moments that seemed like they were leading up to a lot more. The new android asking if recovering her memories over living now was really that important. Noir saying that she hoped she wouldn't be 'junk' any more after her brain surgery. You'd think they'd want to confront these issues. Instead, of course the MRI gives no information and they spew out a massive dump of technobabble which boils down to Noir is super special in some way. Stop the presses. Never could've guessed that one. Monumental plot developments all up in this episode.

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