Malevolent Spirits #23 — Return of the Flashback

September 11th, 2023


Why are we sad about those two dying again? Or living for that matter.


Why exactly are we getting a big emotional melodramatic sequence for these two biting it? It's especially embarrassing after doing a big "This is our final battle!" and then devolving into speedlines, stills, and 'action' sequences going at two frames a second. All the while, Team Umbrella is just sitting on the sidelines, jerking off. I guess the song was nice, but why even care about those two? And why are they getting a send-off when the drum dude didn't? 

But then it's time to go back to Hyouma which means… you guessed it, seeing that same goddamned flashback for the thirteenth time. Not actually fight. God no. I think Hyouma threw one punch in the entire episode, if even that. Ten minutes on the umbrella dude monologuing about how evil he is, followed by two minutes of people telling Hyouma to fight back. The absolute pacing of this season. It was a blessing when we got to cut away from him to the rest of the umbrellas to do the obligatory single attack each, both to marvel at how poor the animation has gotten and to wonder about why we're bothering with these random idiots. I'm pretty sure for some, it's the first time we've seen them even move. Less so to constantly cut away to Botan whimpering on the sidelines like always. 

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