Malevolent Spirits #22 — Nobody Appreciates the Drummer

September 4th, 2023


True fight to begin again, for a third time, next week.


Good god, the pacing this season continues to be just horrendous. The first season wasn't great, but it wasn't this. Botan goes Super Saiyan and disintegrates the monk dude for his injuries making him pathetic, so Hyouma hugs her back to normal. Then the rest of Team Protagonist finally extricates themselves from the side of the road where they've been for the last two months and makes their way over. That's not a summary for the first five minutes of the episode. The first part took a full twelve minutes to get through. As did the second.

Absolutely nothing could pass without multiple paragraphs of internal narration explaining and reviewing every single insignificant detail that we can already see happening, usually from the guitar lady. This stupid fight has I think ended three separate episodes with the good guys stepping out and declaring that the battle begins for real this time, because they frittered away another twenty minutes standing rock still fifteen feet apart, thinking to themselves about how serious this fight is. And I'll remind you that last week, we didn't even see how a single one of the various fights ended. We just cut to the baddies having declared victory. 

Next Episode:

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