Level 1 Overlord #12 — All’s Well That Ends

September 18th, 2023


At least it's over and will be immediately forgotten forever.


And here comes the deus ex frenzy to wrap up everything, even in ways that make no actual sense. The invaded country agrees to become part of their invaders, thus ending the war  and everybody going home happy. …What. And it turns out that the one slimy politician dude was behind literally everything and goes down on completely unrelated things because they accidentally leaked the stolen government records. Cops just kicking down the door to a Senate meeting to haul him away in handcuffs for a white collar crime while he yells "Yep! I am guilty as hell!" making even Phoenix Wright antagonists look smart.

I wish I had stuck with my first instincts about this show. Well, I really wish that it had followed up on the second or third episodes better instead of getting sucked into political intrigue that made no sense and tried to both-sides a corrupt, belligerent country invading a resort town. At the very least, it could've had some kind of more intelligent resolution to the whole thing instead of everybody deciding they just didn't actually care all that much about it, but we would've have been in that spot in the first place had we not completely flubbed the script. And with all the motivations being utterly messed up, the characters yelling about how they have to do things and have to come down on the middle of it are deeply undercut and ineffective as a redemption story too, especially when the main character didn't actually really make any mistakes, just got older and somewhat jaded as is inevitable.

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