Level 1 Overlord #11 — Senzu Jawbreaker

September 11th, 2023


Wasn't that mage supposedly totally MIA?


I still can't get over how they're trying both-sides one nation making up pretexts to invade another nation, and the other nation… not wanting to be invaded. One of these sides has done absolutely nothing wrong, and the other is just flat out evil to the core. And then we have Max's speech at the end about how it's all their fault and they dragged the rest of the world into it. Excuse me, what? How? Dude was kicked out of the kingdom and started his own successful one in a wasteland. How is that dragging the rest of the world into war? By his new kingdom being too attractive to the other kingdoms and forcing them to covet their riches and invade?

We also have the utterly bizarre foreshadowing. We start off with a scene where the cleric gives the dude a charm to protect him from magic. So that's going to be important to the episode, right? No, of course not. The important thing was that piece of candy from two weeks ago from the kid, who is apparently the mage's daughter, and it gives whoever eats it super powers. All this is revealed in a completely separate delayed flashback right before he goes super saiyan with it. 


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