Level 1 Overlord #10 — Friends Forever!

September 4th, 2023


I detest everything about this 'arc.'


It's incredible that this show's writing is somehow managing to go from bad to worse. Or maybe not since this arc has always been terrible and every new wrinkle they add to it just makes things worse. Why is the cleric dude willing to kill his former friend and engage in a bloody war of subjugation over a foreign tourist hot spot? Well, because some people are exploited and taken advantage of, and they need to just shut up and deal with it, and he's willing to murder thousands to make sure they understand that point. The other side? Would rather not be enslaved. Boy, what a moral dilemma. Which side is the right one? They both make such compelling arguments that it's difficult to choose.

This is on top of the central, ultra extended thing about how Max has to be responsible for everything that his friends may do forever. It'd be one thing if the Overlord was saying "Screw you, I'm going to do the right thing," and that spurred Max into action, but no. We go there and scream our heads off about how Max has a duty and responsibility to clean up the mess his friends have made. And again, let's remember that one of them is a wannabe racist murderous conqueror. Some goddamned perspective here, guys. Also, let's load up that Chekhov's Gun with the mage chick for most of the start of the episode and then totally drop it. Really putting confidence in the writing and structure here. Please just make this end. 


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