Classroom For Heroes #12 — Random BS, Go!

September 24th, 2023


"Just throw them in a pile and I'll eat their souls."


Sure, I wasn't expecting a lot, but Sophie disappearing to be rediscovered and brought back into the fold was almost an aside that lasted only a couple minutes. And then they started whipping out nonsensical capsules that let Blade use their moves while most of the actual 'strong' characters just sat silently in the crowd, only turning up at the end for the obligatory clothes-burned-off shots. As expected, the clones master was a corpse with zero explanation given for how it was speaking. And all the clones get to live on as alternate personalities. And then we fight another large dragon for a couple minutes.

As far as these trashy harem things go, despite a few really awful episodes/bits, the pacing alone makes it not the worst out there, especially with how weak this season was. It's depressing that I legitimately think this was one of the better written things. It didn't have the budget to make the fights fun, but at least they existed and had a modicum of effort put in. There were at least a few decent character moments and developments, more early than later, and no one bit overstayed its welcome. Feels very much like a throwback to fifteen years ago before horrendously paced light novels had taken over the entire fantasy genre, though that's not in itself much cause for recommendation.


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