Classroom For Heroes #10 — The Terrifying Vagina Cabbage

September 10th, 2023


Multiple costume changes in one week? How extravagant.


Essentially just a Monster Hunter parody, in the sense that they have knock-off props and costumes that vaguely look like they might've come from Monster Hunter. Despite the primal costumes, they didn't actually go savage, and I admit that I'm not familiar enough with Monster Hunter to be able to recognize if they were going for the deep cut references or whatever. From this show's history, I think it's safe to assume not though. I don't expect a lot of attention to detail, particularly not when for some inexplicable reason, there's a Christmas tree up in the background of this birthday party.

Not much to say past that. The 'emotional' bit at the end, I guess they hadn't technically said they were doing all this nonsense to make him a birthday present, but it was so obvious from the start that it evoked more of a "Wait, what? This was a surprise?" reaction than any kind of corny feel good moment. And the animation in its attempts at action scenes continues to be quite embarrassing. It is what it is at this point though. Nothing horribly offensive this week, but no particularly good character moments either.


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