Classroom for Heroes #09 — Hostage Taking

September 3rd, 2023


Didn't put a lot of effort into this, did they?


And as usual, we come to the show that is unabashedly childish, though this is not one of the more tolerable episodes. Probably because the little spice of actual character development or insight actually are important and this episode was all bad slapstick and screaming. Everybody wants to beat Blade and so we get a very, very long montage before a long pretend-to-be-hostages bit that doesn't even make any real sense. We all want to pretend to be hostages because we're horny for Blade, and making him arbitrarily say "You win" to someone else means we've 'beaten' him… somehow. The idiocy is likely meant to be the joke, but it's not funny.

I guess it was supposed to be the blonde spear dude's episode, but he got second billing behind Red, which is perhaps somewhat fitting since his entire character is being a massive simp for her, but you'd think the Overlord girl would've had more of a presence after her prominence in the first half, only to just vanish almost entirely in the second. He had no actual character moments though, just a few re-runs of him gimmicks in the long montage of re-running everybody's gimmick. Also, didn't we do the whole team-up thing for the dragon girl's episode? With slightly more awareness and actual teamwork?


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