Zom 100 #06 — Glamping

August 27th, 2023


Not sure why they needed a week off for this episode. Maybe golf pre-empted it.


Anyway, like always, I wish this show would have just the barest amount of nuance. The first half was another section where they're acting like children going gaga over the most expensive things because of the pricetag, completely ignoring all the danger around them. This is on top of rewinding the end of the last episode to re-leave their base camp to find an RV. And… there's not a whole lot else to say about it. It was a thin excuse to reunite with the girl they not five minutes ago separated from. To work in the bit where they visit a Rolex store, I guess? Not helping the pacing here.

And for the second half of the episode, we enter a multi-episode arc apparently, where they run across his abusive (as opposed to rapist) boss who's got his own society up and running. There could've been some interesting dynamics if the guy was overtly abusive towards everybody, but was being successful in keeping them all alive, or if he had changed or was never actually the monster that Tendou thought him to be, but as I said, nuance is as foriegn to this show as a female not being half naked, so the dude just tortures Tendou for fun while being transparently two-faced about it, and all Tendou can do is whimper and repeat how traumatized he was. You thought he grew or changed? Apparently not. Not even internal defiance. And since this arc will be continuing on to next week and beyond apparently, that's where we leave things; repeating the first episode essentially so he can re-overcome his trauma… eventually.

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