Zom 100 #05 — Sushi Bar

August 13th, 2023


Just outright cribbing from Gyo, huh?


At least it's nice to see something well-animated this season, and I won't deny that the raw animation is doing a lot of hard lifting. Which it needs because the writing and characters are still so ridiculously juvenile and lacking. This week, he wants to pretend to be a superhero, which it rightfully calls out as immature and idiotic. And then everybody learns the valuable lesson of… nothing. As always, he's in the right all along and I guess people were just silly to not believe in Doing Your Best™. And then they just ditched everybody off-screen apparently. Like a real hero does. Which just highlighted how much of it was for self-gratification and cosplay and was definitely a weird way to go out on rather than making a supposed last stand or something.

Everything is so excessively expressive while the writing isn't even up to the level of Captain Planet. Mind you, I would say that expressiveness also gets in the way. That random girl that did Higurashi faces and screamed the entire episode was obnoxious as all hell and the bouncing between supposed horror by way of screaming and distorted faces against puerile dick jokes and slapstick still isn't working here, to say nothing of the random firing of missile fish out of nowhere. It all blends together into loud noise while something like Shaun of the Dead was much more deft at understatement at the right time to make its fart jokes. It also could stand to get out of its own way. We don't need to recite the entire Wikipedia entry on shark organs to understand that electricity is super effective against water types. When Pokemon is being more respectful of the average intelligence of the audience, you probably need to rethink things. 


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