Synduality Noir #08 — Wet and Wild

August 28th, 2023


Well, wet at any rate.


This episode was physically painful in multiple places. From Ellie continuing to go into conniptions over every interaction with Noir, to the godawful conniptions Kanata was having every conversation with Ellie, to a third goddamned episode of Ciel pitching insert song CDs. Worse, the idol concerts are getting more and more of the animation budget and focus. I was certainly an idiot for the scant praise I gave the original singing for being restrained as this is only getting worse and worse. 

Sure, the episode was not going to be good taking place entirely in a water park solely to put every character in bathing suits, without even a hint of the monsters or anything whatsoever happening, but a whole thing on idiots stuttering and being oblivious imbeciles? I mostly have pity for the poor translators who have to deal with dialogue like:
"You l-l-l-look c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cu…" (kawaii)
"RIVER!" (kawa)
"But this is a pool."

Although maybe we should be pitying the writers who put that script to paper and asked to be paid for it. 


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