Synduality Noir #06 — Use Thunder Shock

August 14th, 2023


Exactly how many not-Vegases are there in this world?


Essentially a re-run of episode 2 and 3, combined, bringing back all the characters and setting from both, but not really doing too much with them. The mask guy is still just kind of hanging around, jumping in to save the day, and the Team Rocket duo once again kidnaps that one lady, now a not-idol, for Kanata to once again save the day with a Looney Tunes style electrification of them so they can run off while yelling "Next time, Gadget! Next time!" At least the idol only sang for about 15 seconds total, with no awful CGI anything. 

More or less a filler episode, though it's hard to say what episodes of this show haven't been. It did once again lean in pretty hard to the whole master/slave thing with the maguses, which continues to be unpleasant at best, and yelling about the woman's dream of being a lounge singer/idol as you fight over her ownership in a Vegas coliseum seems to be missing the point entirely. I have warmed up to the two agents of chaos who just run around in the background of episodes a little bit though. Particularly the butler who's down for anything. But I still really wish this show would focus harder on either the characters or the story. They're inoffensive enough, amusing at times, but so, so insubtantial.

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