Synduality Noir #05 — In Sync

August 7th, 2023


Can we start a plot any time soon?


Why do I feel like this started with wanting to do the gags of Noir mimicking Kanata and didn't think about it any further than that. Okay, they also wanted to do the dumb nosebleed joke of her rubbing herself against him. Basically, Miss Cleveage showed back up to say that they needed to be more in sync, but that's about it. No particular failure of them not working together or being out of sync, nor any epiphany at the end of it that brought them closer together or the like either.

Did they recently see that Evangelion schtick, but thought synchronized DDR would be too on the nose? Some of Noir's sight gags were okay, or at least funnier than the 'comedy' earlier today, but it was all going through the motions and overreacting to Noir's continued lingual corruptions. And then they go to Random Destroyed City which they're calling a maze and duel Boobs McGee for no real reason. Noir just declares that couples are in sync, they're a couple, and that's that. Knockoff Fujiko didn't actually know anything and just cruises off into the sunset for the second time. Bit unsatisfying and felt a whole lot like a pointless filler episode!


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