Synduality Ciel #07 — Thirsty Girls

August 21st, 2023


Why do they all have a crush on this idiot again?


And then there's this show, which has only barely suggested that it might have any kind of story or plot at all, and has decided to bring back the idol character a second time and rewrite her character to be… how to put it… a tad thirsty. It's a lot less amusing with the more standard anime protagonist screaming and crashing into things every time they try to get them to shower together, call them pet names, or sneak up to their bed at night.

Okay, so she's clearly some kind of spy. The kind that's completely defeated by braking suddenly and ditches it for that stupid-ass insert song CD advertisement that I was pleased that it skipped last episode. Apparently it was just being saved for this one. Twice at that, because the fight was also an unvoiced montage set to it. You'd think with all the new moves and weaponry being hauled out of its ass, they'd do something other than generic bubblegum pop blasted out at top volume, but here in the year of 2023, we have music CDs to sell.  

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