Malevolent Spirits #20 — Flesh Wounds

August 21st, 2023


Sure, I guess losing a chunk of your abdomen doesn't count for much.


This episode is pretty similar to the other 'big' action one this season in that it really highlighted how much the poor animation and direction are holding it back on every level. Especially for Hyoma's non-fight. He swiped at them once at the start, and the rest was flat out embarrassingly bad. Weird vague spins in the air for slow-mo attacks, a giant boulder that they couldn't even animate falling, nonsensical teleportation all over the place. It may have legitimately had the least animation and effort of all the fights despite also taking up the entire first half of the episode. Still a far cry better than the rest of the family, who's been sitting on that highway for like three straight weeks now with zero progress.

The villain trio also did themselves no favors by immediately jobbing to the quite literal randos of the slaver yakuza faction. Yes, I haven't forgotten that they go around enslaving people to use as sacrificial weapons, though apparently the show has. But worse, the pacing for the show continues to be godawful, as not a single one of these fights really went anywhere. They all did their one thing and the baddies are in a pinch©, to be picked up next week. In a sane world, the protagonists would be the ones on the back foot, so I can't decide which would be worse; if they really are trying to make a cliffhanger out of the good guys having the upper hand, or if this means that there's another whole episode coming where the baddies reveal that they're not woefully incompetent in their first actual fight and this one fight gets stretched out to the end of the damn season.  

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