Malevolent Spirits #19 — Shoe Is Slowly Dropping

August 14th, 2023


Sloooooowly dropping. Aaaaaaaany minute now. Just one more week.


That this episode started out with over a minute and a half of pure recap was not a promising sign. Nor was it taking half the episode just to get back to the cliffhanger from last week, only to immediately drop it and go elsewhere to start up the cliffhangers for next week… which would take up the entire rest of the episode. The first half of the episode? Hyoma sitting in a corner watching Botan sit in a corner. My god, the pacing in this show is reaching almost parody levels of horrendous.

The goofy trio is in league with Team Umbrella. That, of course, requires them all to stand around and explain it for the next ten minutes. But look forward to next week for all the big fights! Which we already know that the show does not have the budget or the directoral talent to execute well on. But I'm sure the twenty straight minutes of standing around, declaring that a fight's about to start any minute now, just wait a little longer, just need to redeclare the stakes and that we're not handing over Botan four or five more times, and then we can summon our weapons and/or ki and/or strike a pose before explaining our powers for fifteen seconds of speedlines. Can't wait.

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