Malevolent Spirits #18 — Everybody Puts Botan in the Corner

August 7th, 2023


Can someone just off her or kidnap her already?


Remember when these clowns used to go out hunting monsters? Excuse me, malevolent spirits. The half-assed action was easier to take when every week there was some new thing menacing them, or at the very least, Hyoma bumbling around being a dense but good natured golem. Even when the show is focusing on Botan, she still doesn't do jack squat except sit in the corner, feel sorry for herself, and be lectured at about how much of the destined star child she is and how much everybody else is(n't) doing around her. And her reaction to it all? To stare blankly. Possibly whimper a little.

I'm getting annoyed for trying to stick with this, and another random umbrella person jumping out to seemingly from the next episode preview not even actually fight anybody isn't going to improve my disposition. 


Next Episode:

Umbrellas part 2.

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