Level 1 Overlord #09 — Hype Man

August 28th, 2023


This isn't pro wrestling. Get on with it or knock it off.

My ISP is supposedly working on the cables or pipes or something in the area and I'm supposedly going to have no connection for a large part of the day. It was already down when I got up for about an hour, and supposedly is likely to go down again at some time, so if Syn/Malev get delayed, that's why. It was up for about 15 minutes when I started writing this, and then went down again. Back up for the moment. Long enough to grab shows and whatnot? We'll see. 


It continues to feel weird and completely backwards that the ostensible evil overlord is the one constantly advocating for peace and friendship. It just makes you wonder what exactly the previous campaign of world domination was actually all about. Yes, I am musing about this because the episode was essentially filler. They wander out and play badminton while complaining that war is about to break out and they're doing nothing about it.

Then for the second half, the priest goes to the border and spends the next ten minutes piffling around, saying that war is about to break out. Any minute now. Just as soon as we defeat this wall. And this clearing of trees. And this ground. Okay, now that we're all ready to fight, and we've made sure that literally every other person in the world is watching and has had their chance to comment on it, it's finally time to begin. Oh, is the episode over? Well, gee. Guess we'll be putting that off for another week. You shouldn't even be doing this nonsense, you stupid show. You don't need to pad it out like you're paid by the NPC gasp.


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