Level 1 Overlord #08 — Improper Concussion Protocol

August 21st, 2023


Uh, what was in the box, guys?


It really is astonishing how this show, ostensibly a brainless gag comedy about an odd couple, is constantly threatening to have some kind of story or plot break out any minute now for most of its run. Pick a lane at least. Be ye slapstick or be ye some kind of weird melodrama about Magical Tokyo looking for pretenses to declare war on Magical Beppu. Also, there are demons… uh… somewhere. I still couldn't even tell you what the war is even supposed to be about. Jealousy over their resort towns and hot springs? It's not even trying for comedy much of the time any more, and the plot that it keeps teasing hasn't even gotten out of the gate. What does this show even think that it's doing?  


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