Level 1 Overlord #06 — Modern Weaponry

August 7th, 2023


How is a spear the only actual weapon on this supposed battlefield.


At least this awful arc is over, but all it accomplished was making a joke out of all the supposedly serious geopolitical things and draining the even slight expectations I had for the show to close to nil. The entire 'war' turns out to be like a dozen people shooting weapons that would make even Dr. Robotnik embarrassed to use them for how childish and gimmicky they are with a grand total of one dude per side who can actually fight. What armies. And everybody involved is still just yelling about how much the old party members feelings are hurt. 

This is idiotic and not something that needs to be pussyfooted around for the entire show. Although there's a good chance the people making this show don't underestand the concept of time at all as it did the whole "I can buy you ten seconds" schtick, which once all the free action talking and reactions were finished, ended up being two minutes. Maybe don't set time limits if you're not going to stick to them.


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