Harley Quinn #42 — Partying with the Cold Bois

August 10th, 2023


Finally, someone offers me quiche.


GONNA REPEAT MYSELF YET AGAIN. I really genuinely seriously do not get what is going on with Ivy's character this season. Or the entire B plot to this episode. Or Gordon's schtick. All of that unceremoniously petered out without any kind of resolution. Ivy didn't realize she was turning into the vapid generic idiot she used to hate. Gordon's just playing around with a replicator. Her mentees simply wander off; their entire thing having happened somewhere off-screen. I kept waiting for the reveal that the Jons were Skrulls or something, but just… nothing.

At least Harley's side had slightly more going on, but it also felt like half an arc. She gets lasik and is unhappy that Dick's being an ass to her. It at least had some jokes about partying with ice robots and such here and there, and sort of a speech from Babs about giving people time, but she wasn't really wrong about Dick being a jerk or excessively melodramatic for no reason, and since Damian was barely in the episode, it was pretty much just Dick. Also, not sure I buy Harley 'repressing' anything here since she's still gleefully and bloodily beating up everybody around her, and it was just an episode ago that she was taking on an alter-ego to fully indulge.  

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