Classroom of Heroes #05 — Deadbeat Dad

August 6th, 2023


Shouldn't they have, like, addressed the original's 'dark resentments' or whatever?

FYI, Zom 100 was very late in announcing that it's off this week, after announcing some production delays last week. Probably not a great sign.


Weirdly structured episode. We skip both the OP and the ED so we can leap immediately into unleashing the evil overlord. Like, literally, they go straight to "we need to fight in a yard and everbody needs to get naked while doing it." After that, they start getting all melodramatic over her, and very, very silly about how only one of the two personalities will be able to live. Which is both funny because there's no way this show has the teeth to kill literally anybody, and how literally the entire cast was all in on getting rid of one of them, with not a single person speaking up for the life of the new one. It was also pretty funny that the recording of her dad was just it saying "Anyway, I'm ditching you because I want to," and apparently that was enough to move her to tears. Probably should've had some kind of better arc here with some self-actualization, guys.

I guess at least it's back to more like the first couple episodes, and less on the fat jokes, but even compared to them, this was pretty weak. Still rushed as all hell in the weirdest of ways, and the whole parade of every single female getting naked and throwing themselves at Blade continues to make my eyes roll. His obliviousness keeps it from being obnoxious, but he'd be well within his rights at this point to have a spray bottle marked "Begone, thot" to give them a zotz in the face every time one of them starts getting too horny.   


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