Classroom For Heroes #08 — Judgement Day

August 27th, 2023


Why is this episode sort of animated?


This would've worked a lot better for me if the whole bonding between Sophie and the android wasn't based around who could be the more slavish slave and how they supposedly have such similar schticks, which isn't even all that true. The new girl is much more of a deadpan gremlin, and Blade's eagerness to obliterate her at least at the start was definitely a change of pace. Well, and the pacing continues to be completely bonkers, running through what could've been at least a 2-3 episode arc for other shows in the span of 24 minutes, since we skipped the OP and ED entirely this week to fit all of it in. Again, it's not great, but it's certainly different from the normal languid pacing of anime in a refreshing way.

It was also a weird place for a sudden, if brief, confrontation of mortality to pop up, even obviously knowing that this character wasn't going to die. I won't say that it was that bad of a scene, but it was definitely a spot where a little more time to breathe would have done it some good. Also, not immediately following it up with multiple boob jokes. Likewise, the scene between her and Sophie would have been nice… if it wasn't them in their underwear for no reason arguing about servitude and meta cliches. The duality of this show is exasperating. 

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