Classroom For Heroes #07 — Obligatory Hot Springs Episode

August 20th, 2023


No doubt to be followed by a beach episode.


Is it just me, or did the Valuable Lesson Learned at the end seem like they completely forgot about it, and then realized that there were only fifteen seconds left in the episode and had to abruptly scream out that subjugating your love interest through dick waving competitions should not be a requirement for dating? Which was especially weird since they had a whole conversation a few minutes prior about how the girls weren't interested in the random two dudes romantically at all, so the whole thing was just awkward and weird, but far from the most awful part of the episode.

Like the whole episode about fat jokes, we get some really tone-deaf anime jokes this episode that just made me wince, and drown out all the rest. The long rant from the principal about how much he wants to leer at teenagers to the cheers of the rest of the crowd takes the cake for the worst moment, but special note should also be made of the training montage where the two dudes stood there, punching themselves in the dicks. Which is disappointing because Yessica is actually one of the better straight man characters in the show, so you'd think an episode sort of focused on her wouldn't be full of such godawful gags, but alas. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    only a bigot would not let their house into the bath.

    I don’t think there was an actual lesson , the end bit seemed like something red head said because otherwise it would mean she has no chance with blade kun