Classroom For Heroes #05 — Harassing the Local Birds

August 13th, 2023


They're birds, you imbeciles.


At least the childishness here is more consistent and not attempting to be juxtaposed with horror elements, though like Zom 100, I feel like it really fumbled its attempt at an ending dramatic moment. There's a lot of reasons. That it's some random birds they decided to annoy. That they never really developed the situation of Blade not relying on his friends that the big speech and sparkly dramatic friendship shots was about. That the 'fight' was once again every named character just doing one barely animated attack and then falling back off-screen.

Not to keep pulling Yozakura Quartet out, but it is a pretty solid example of how you can make that work when the story, writing, music, and direction all come together, while this was half-heartedly going through the motions. I want to see more things like Sophie's arc from this show, and wouldn't be opposed to the whiff of an actual plot. It's also weird to me that this gets a full episode while other things in the show have been rushed and truncated.


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