Zom 100 #03 — Wardrobe Malfunction

July 23rd, 2023


I don't think clothing works like that.

FYI, Nier spewed out its last four episodes all in one gasp today. It's been… what? Five months though? I'm not sure I care at this point. Especially as a four episode dump. Maybe I'll get to at least the first two on Tuesday though. It did announce that it would be continuing… eventually, and it was one of the better things for… whatever the hell season it was around in.


More cohesive and generally better than last week's episode, though the whole host bit was pretty weird for multiple reasons. First that they're still getting all dressed up, their hair done and everything. But then they show that they're doing it to try to reassure a little girl… maybe? It's hard to tell age in anime a lot of time. Which would have been unexpectedly sweet, but but then then despite being how things started, they're just a little side thing and can't even be called the B plot. It even overlaps with the actual plot of the episode about an old friend giving up before whose his face distracts them, and then at about 10 minutes into the episode, they vanish entirely from it.

The actual plot of the episode was reconciling with his friend who he was an ass to. That again kind of undermines his previous angst, apparently having tons of friends who were reaching out to him and trying to him help that he blew off. I wish they had played up the parallels between then and now a little better. I feel like the dude being depressed about the hopelessness of the current situation after being trapped in a sex den for a few days with ravenous monsters is much more compelling than spewing out of nowhere "I hated my old job too." Take the risk and jump vs quit your job is right there. Still at least some sort of epiphanic moment to tie off the episode though, which is much better than last week. 


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