Zom 100 #04 — Speed Dating

July 30th, 2023


I'm amazed the plumbing is still working.


It continues to annoy me both how inconsistent it is around how the zombies work and how they keep calling attention to how the characters are aware of zombie cliches in general but are totally ignoring even the most basic of them. More than all the zombie limbs magically disintegrating after they busted in to the grocery store for their dumb impromptu mixer, though not as much as the continued shouted internal monologues. Especially when the episode is pretty vapid. How long are we going to be fluffing this dude for Doing His Best? It's time for a new tune. 

The dude wasn't even really hiding it either. He was clearly freaking out literally the entire time and blood was pouring down his leg. You'd think they'd at least have it be the reserved girl for half a twist, but no. It was the most painfully obvious dude, hiding the most painfully obvious thing. But for some reason, it took him hours whereas everybody else was instantly. Again, how do these stupid things work? Are they farting jokes that ignore the screaming lunatics running around the streets, or super human killing machines that turn into a ravenous horde on a pin drop, or stealth spies that sneak up and ambush people? 

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