Zom 100 #02 — Beer Run

July 16th, 2023


We're just using letterboxing at random now, aren't we?


This was a lot weaker than the first episode, and I'm pinning a lot of that on the main character being a flippant brat. Characters like Ash Williams or Shaun/Simon Pegg going out in the middle of a zombie apocalypse to get beer works because they still take the threat seriously, which in turn shows how serious their need/addiction for alcohol is. But this dude Looney Tunes his way out and about, merrily skipping down the street, just plain impervious to all the zombie rules and threats that it is constantly explaining and re-explaining are super duper real and super duper scary. The flippant attitude doesn't work with complete idiots. At the very least, show him having some kind of resourcefulness or ingenuity, not just "Oh, the plot says literally every motorcycle in the world has their keys left in them… and I know how to ride them all first go." This is just childish and lazy. Doubly so when he starts dropping 'sick wheelies.'

And then in the last third, which was partially repeated footage further dampening any enthusiasm, we have the complete opposite, except for the nonstop internal narration. Granted, it works a little better when you're trying to present an analytical character who is constantly in her head, but it goes so far as to have her be able to predict the exact position of a wildly careening truck from a random webcam that she set up, to the point where she's going to dramatically stand six feet away so she can pull the dude out of the way when he goes four feet away from it. It's just corny and at complete odds with the whole "take absolutely no risks" schtick. I think you probably need to add "avoid standing next to crashing cars" to your list, lady.

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